AQUA ENERGY ™ has been successfully operating in the field of designing, supplying and servicing water filtration systems of various purposes for more than 7 years. We work both in the supply of domestic and commercial equipment, and in the supply of equipment for filtering water to industrial enterprises of various industries, such as: food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, small, medium and large energy, oil and petrochemical industry , engineering, metallurgy, textile industry and others.
We use the most modern methods and technologies to solve any problems related to water filtration.
Our highly qualified specialists work at any time and are ready in the shortest possible time to prepare for you a technical and commercial proposal, to make an inspection, chief – installation and installation work, to carry out warranty, post-warranty and service maintenance.
An individual approach to solving various problems in the field of water treatment for enterprises of absolutely any industry:
  • Water clarification plants

  • Sorption cleaning plants

  • Ion exchange units

  • Installations based on baromembrane processes of any complexity and performance (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis)

  • Installations of water disinfection (ultraviolet, ozonization, ionization)

  • Desalination plants using electrodialysis, etc.

  • Pumping equipment and components.

Questionnaire for water treatment system design.

Water Treatment Products

  • Reinforced fiberglass filter with valve 2900FT 600 liters

  • Reinforced fiberglass filter with valve 2900FT 400 liters

  • Reinforced fiberglass filter with valve 2850FT 250 liters

  • Reinforced fiberglass filter with 5600FT valve 50 liters

Specialists of AQUA ENERGY ™ are able to perform work of any complexity on the installation of water treatment and wastewater treatment systems, as well as to carry out highly skilled start-up and adjustment, warranty and service maintenance of water filtration systems.

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