Water filter with a reverse osmosis system “Commerce 200”

Commercial RO-200 is designed for reverse osmosis water treatment using replaceable filter elements and special thin-film membranes. Water passes 5 stages of purification using the following filter elements: 1. “PP” 20 “retains rust, sand and other mechanical impurities (silt, rust, sand) up to 5 microns. 2. and 3. CARBON 20″ and CARBON G ​​20 ” block and granulated carbon filters remove unpleasant odor, sediment, purify from chlorine, organic impurities, heavy metals 4. VONTRON-100G is the main filter element, removes up to 99% of impurities from water due to the structure allowing only water molecules to pass through. 5 PostFilter K33 is an in-line filter with activated granular carbon. for purification of water. A commercial reverse osmosis membrane filter comes with two pumps, two membranes, a 50 liter capacity for storing pure water and a gander. Maximum capacity is 30 l / h. Filter dimensions are ∮400X240х840mm.