AQUAENERGY successfully cooperates with the company TehnohimReagentBel, which is the manufacturer of more than 600 names of PuroTech® reagents for water treatment using the exclusive technology of the English company B & V water treatment LTD.
PuroTech® reagents are successfully used for:
  • ensuring stabilization water treatment of
  • circulating cooling systems;
  • corrective water treatment;
  • inhibition of corrosion and scale formation;
  • protection of boilers and steam and condensate tract, including when the steam is in contact with food;
  • cleaning equipment from deposits;
  • ensuring reliable operation of reverse osmosis systems;
  • wastewater treatment at enterprises of various industries;
  • biocidal and biodispersing water treatment.
Our specialists carry out the following types of work and services:
  • survey and development of the optimal water-chemical regime of boilers and cooling water circulation systems;
  • selection of reagents for corrosion protection of energy and heat exchange equipment, pipelines and communications, including steam and condensate paths;
  • selection of reagents to protect energy and heat exchange equipment from the formation of mineral deposits of various kinds;
  • examination of circulating cooling systems (closed and open), heating systems, reverse osmosis systems and ultrafiltration from microbiological contamination and the subsequent selection of reagent treatment;
  • selection of wash-off compositions and the implementation of washing of heat exchange equipment, reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration plants;
  • selection, delivery and adjustment of measuring and automation tools, including metering pumps.

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